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New Restaurant Opens in East Asheville

Quality Meats and Fish Grilled over Hickory Wood for Optimum Flavor.

Woodfire Bar and Grille Great American Food

Grass Fed Cows Are Happy Cows!

Grass Fed Cows

Stop In at the Woodfire Bar and Grille tonight and taste the difference.

Asheville has a unique climate that allows cattle to graze locally year round producing 100% grass fed beef. The local farmers, like Hickory Nut Gap Farm, rotate their Black and Red Angus cows among a network of local producers to ensure that the cows are always grazing on the best quality grasses. This grazing technique allows local farmers to produce high quality beef year-round by using all the unique micro-climates our area has to offer. No wonder Asheville has become one of the top "foodie" destinations! Stop in for an 8 ounce filet mignon, a 10 ounce ribeye, or a 1/2 pound burger and taste the difference. Check out our menu and pricing here.

Pasture Raised Pork Just Tastes Better!

Pasture Raised Pigs

Pasture raised pigs are allowed the freedom to run around all day, free from confinement. The pigs root, play, roll, wallow, chase, and socialize. They forage and munch on saplings, underbrush, roots, insects, soil grubs, and grasses. They occasionally get to indulge on farm produce like apple pulp, pumpkins, and GMO free corn maze.

We have just added pastured raised pork to our menu in the form of nightly specials. Look for bone in pork chops and our delectable baby back ribs. Check out our regular menu and pricing here.

Trout Farming the Way it Should Be!

Sun Burst Trout Farm

Indulge on a grilled rainbow trout locally sourced from Sunburst Farms. The farm provides a beautiful natural setting where the trout are sustainably raised in waters from the Shining Rock National Wilderness. More and more we "Asheville Foodies" have come to realize that the happier and healthier an animal is during its lifetime, the better its flavor is on the dinner table.

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